Representative for communications equipment, manufacturers and systems providers since 1991


Provide advanced IF/RF and Microwave Control Products and Amplifiers for the Defense Electronics, Aerospace, Commercial Aircraft, and other high-end commercial industries. From advanced communications and radar to commercial space, our custom high-reliability products are integral to the complex operations of major Satellite, Radar, Navigation, Communications, Electronic Warfare and Missile Systems Applications with products operating from DC to 18 GHz
Design, development and manufacture of satellite receiving, signal redistribution systems and components.Microtech can accommodate all of your needs for flexible and rigid waveguide assemblies as well as passive microwave components.http://
Norsat has pioneered advances in portable satellite and microwave communications technologies for over 30 years with a mission to develop leading satellite technologies for the consumer and commercial markets.
Commercial and military telecommunications signal management with redundancy, automation and flexibility. Specialise in products operating between DC and 40GHz
RF / Microwave products for broadband cable, satellite L-band and Intermediate Frequency including rack-mount RF matrix switches, routers, splitters, combiners, frequency converters, relay switches, redundancy switches, line amplifiers and DC powering products for broadband, L-band and (IF) Intermediate Frequency applications.
30 years experience in the satellite industry in satellite earth station installation, integration, and equipment manufacturing. Currently manufacture Beacon receivers, Frequency converters, antenna positioning systems, FM analog SCPC Modulators, FM analog SCPC Receivers, Redundant switching systems and specialise in custom configurations.
IBUC family of integrated BUC/SSPAs. The advanced IBUC yields superior performance at a lower cost than traditional RF Transceivers, includes C, X, Ku and Ka-band IBUCs, associated power supplies, interface units and our innovative 1:1 protection systems.
Datum Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures satellite communications ground equipment specialising in high performance satellite modems for SCPC and VSAT applications. Datum Systems uses sophisticated designs to provide customers with a combination of quality, state of the art performance and the lowest cost modem in the industry.
One of the world´s leading provider of end-to-end RF transmission systems designed, developed and manufactured in Germany as an established global supplier of ground breaking RF transmission equipment solutions, we make signal transmission easy and reliable.